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Hard Data, Street Smarts and a Strong Team

Our Philosophy

Successful and happy business team
Successful and happy business team

Hard Data, Street Smarts and a Strong Team

If it were only as simple as to rely upon large real estate and demographic/economic data sets, then every business could be lone wolf operations sniffing out their own property leads for locations. Reading between the lines of data and gaining insight at street level is our secret sauce.

Leave the hard work of synthesizing and crunching all of the information into decision points to our experienced team – we have many sources connected to the reality of the real estate market that is alive and ready to breathe new life into stale reports.

Connected to the Real Estate Market. Within Blackstone Commercial, the Tenant Representation Team coordinates and leverages a strong landlord network. Not only to find potential locations; but also to get block to block, property relevant intelligence and street level insights.


Business Strategy & Valuation: The Blackstone Tenant Representation Team works closely with proven business consulting companies that focus on Small/Medium Enterprises (SME) to provide strategic business insight for understanding the position of your business and charting realistic trajectories/pathways moving forward.

Franchise Development: Successful businesses may consider franchise development as the next logical step. The Blackstone Tenant Representation Team works with a broad range of clients in the food service/hospitality sector as well as for general retail services.

Franchise Expansions & Relocations: We work with national and regional franchise brands to strategize on the roll-out of new locations in new and existing Calgary neighborhoods. Small, medium and large developers actively participate with Blackstone Commercial to reveal new opportunities in the Calgary trading area and elsewhere in Alberta.

Market Insight

The Blackstone Tenant Representation Team sources all the major real estate, business and demographic sets. We have dedicated Research Associates to dive in and produce useful and relevant results.

We are boots on the ground. As valuable as large data sets can be for understanding consumer behavior or for traffic patterns and flow etc.; the Blackstone Tenant Representation Team explores and verifies locations by focusing on street sight lines and canvassing businesses on the same block or mall location. Observing the customers who are walking or driving by provides a rich commentary for your business’ compatibility and suitability to a location.

Our Tenant Representation Team

Mahmud Rahman

Mahmud Rahman – Vice President & Associate

(403) 930-8651

[email protected]

Mahmud’s experience stems from owning and/or managing a multitude of service-related businesses. These include Rogers Wireless, Bell Satellite and RE/MAX Commercial (Central). Mahmud has been a licensed Commercial Real Estate Associate for over 13 years and worked successfully with investors and business owners in asset classes including Industrial, Retail, Office, Land and Business Brokerage. His exposure to national and international markets allow him to excel in the commercial real estate industry.

With a background in management and technology, Mahmud Rahman leads a team of Commercial Real Estate Associates licensed under Blackstone Commercial Real Estate by implementing company processes, ensuring efficient work flow and developing growth strategies.

Peter Seto – Tenant Representative Team Lead & Associate

(403) 930-8651

[email protected]

Peter has strong grounding in the business and data analytics sector. With over 27 years of practice heading up a strategic services department of a major public institution. Peter has infused his analytic acumen into the operations of Blackstone Tenant Representation Team. His knowledge of local markets throughout Alberta and British Columbia are valuable to any business for establishing a first location or for the next store.